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wisdom & Philosophy

Wisdom is all around us. It is everywhere & in everything. Too receive wisdom, all we must do is listen. We must listen to ourselves & to our hearts. We must listen to nature, the trees & to the wisdom of the wild. We must listen to others, both to what others say & to what they don't say. Only in listening do we ourselves become wise. 

There is wisdom in sharing & it is in sharing that we believe we truly learn to live The Essential Life. Living The Essential Life is all about wisdom & sharing that wisdom. Not just our own wisdom, but that of our entire community. We believe that by coming together with open hearts & open minds, to work collaboratively with the members of our community, all of whom see life through a different lens then we do, we can find true wisdom & share it, not just within The Essential Life community, but with the world at large as well.

The Essential Life was built on the fervent desire to provide a platform for others to share. Not only is sharing therapeutic for the writer, it also touches the lives of each person who reads those words & finds hope in what they read. It is our desire to facilitate that hope by sharing articles & personal stories of trial & triumph. If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you. You can share your story with The Essential Life community here

We're also asking for our community's help in making The Essential Life even better. If you've tried a wellness-related product or service that you just can't stop talking about, either because your experience was SO good, or SO bad, we'd love to hear about it. You can submit your product reviews here

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