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Personal wellbeing is an important element of living The Essential Life. When your wellbeing is out of balance, all of you is off balance. Remaining in a state of ill-at-ease, where your body, soul, heart & mind cannot find comfort & peace, is the antithesis of what The Essential Life is all about. 

We believe in helping our community in their wellbeing journey. We believe that by sharing information surrounding wellbeing and the importance of finding balance within your life, we are helping to spark a conversation about finding peace through alternative healing methods. It is our hope that, by sparking a conversation within our community, we facilitate the sharing of pertinent information, as it relates to wellbeing & wellbeing practices, which serves to make information surrounding alternative healing practices, such as reiki, acupuncture, massage & more, accessible to more people.

At The Essential Life, we pride ourselves on collaboration. We believe that through partnerships & working together with members of our community, we can create a foundation of wellbeing which helps us live better, to live well & to live naturally. If you'd like to contribute to this mission, we'd love for you to share your wisdom with us. You can submit an article here

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