Creating a Chi Sphere of Light

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What are Chi Spheres?

Chi Spheres are Positive, Loving Energy balls of Light. The word Chi simply means vital force energy. When you create your Chi Sphere you’ll want to have an intention for what you’re creating it for, e.g., to improve your relationship, for increased abundance, to help another person, to heal something, etc. There are a number of different reasons you’d want to create a Chi Sphere & no reason is too small. 

How do You Create a Chi Sphere?

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to create a Chi Sphere for, you’re welcome to visualise the sphere in a particular colour such as blue, pink, gold, etc. The sphere can even have a few different colours in it. It’s your Chi Sphere so you can create it however you wish. You can also visualise the situation as already healed & perfect inside the Chi Sphere.

The following describes how to create a Chi Sphere of Light:

- Place the palms of your hands facing each other about 6-12 inches apart & then slowly start bringing them together.

- Once your hands grow closer your hands will automatically stop at a certain point & you’ll feel the energy in the palms of your hands. It’s subtle & you’re able to feel it: it can feel tingly, heavy, pulsating, hot/cold - anything. Everyone has their own unique way of experiencing pure energy.

- After a bit you’ll start feeling the energy growing by bringing your hands together & then pulling them apart very slowing like you have taffy between your hands. By doing this motion you’re literally creating a ball of energy, or Chi Sphere of Light. 

- As you’re motioning your hands & creating this Chi Sphere of Light, continue declaring your intentions & what you want to heal or manifest. It’s also very powerful to visualise the situation as already healed or manifested & to give gratitude for it. 

- After a while & when your intuition guides you that the Chi Sphere of Light is ready, bless the Chi Sphere of Light and release it into the air for the Divine Intelligence of the Universe to do the rest.