5 Natural Cleansers for Your Green Beauty Routine

Green living is a big part of living The Essential Life. Making simple swaps in your life & choosing natural products is the responsible choice for your health & for the environment. Going green might seem like a lot of work, but making better choices for yourself & the environment is easier than you might think, especially when it comes to going green in your beauty routine.

To help you green-up your beauty regimen, we've been investigating & testing the best natural beauty products for each step of your beauty routine. We'll be publishing our finds in a blog series featuring our top five picks for natural cleansers, moisturisers, serums, acne treatments, face masks, foundations, lip colours, mascaras & deodorants.

We'll be kicking the series off with our top-five list of natural cleansers. Stay tuned to The Essential Life as we continue helping you choose natural beauty products so you can make the swap to a green beauty routine.

Our Top-Five Picks for Natural Cleansers for Your Green Beauty Routine

One Love Organics' Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

Why We Love It: This cleanser is perfect for all skin types & it helps to balance your skin's natural oils. The enzymes in this facial cleanser are powerful enough to breakdown even the most stubborn dirt or make-up, but gentle enough for the whole face, including the delicate & sensitive skin around your eyes & mouth. 

Aside from this cleanser's list of natural & potent ingredients, our absolute favourite thing about it is that it will cleanse your skin without stripping away your natural oils. Instead, it washes away dirt & debris to leave you with a healthy & glowing complexion. 

Price: $42 USD


May Lindstrom's The Honey Mud

Why We Love It: When your skin needs a little bit of TLC, this will quickly become your go-to product. Crafted with the goodness of Honey & white clay, The Honey Mud is calming & soothing for your skin & works to rehydrate parched skin. It is suitable for all skin types, including acne prone skin & supersensitive skin types as well.

Our absolute favourite thing about May Lindstrom's The Honey Mud, is that it is a cleanser & an ultra-nourishing face mask in one, making it the perfect addition to your Self Care routine. This product's unique blend is carefully crafted to wash away dirt & debris while balancing your skin's natural oils & working to calm & sooth inflammation & irritation.

Price: $90 USD


One Love Organics' Easy Does it Cleanser

Why We Love It: This simple little cleanser packs a powerful punch without the use of harsh & harmful chemicals. A small amount of this cleansing gel, mixed with a few drops of water, lathers into a delightful cleansing foam that is perfect for most skin types.

When The Essential Life's beauty experts tried this cleanser, those of us with oily skin found it worked great. Those of us who are blessed with combination & normal skin found they preferred to alternate cleansing their face with this cleanser & washing their face with a more moisturising & nourishing product. For dryer skin, we recommend opting for a more moisturising cleanser altogether. Our beauty experts with dry skin found the Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil was their favourite of the natural cleansers that we tried as we worked to compile this list.

Price: $29 USD


Osmia Organics' Black Clay Facial Soap

Why We Love It: This black clay soap is our absolute favourite when it comes to handling & healing problem skin. It is ultra-clarifying so if you've got blocked & congested pores, this cleansing bar will work wonders for your skin as it draws out dirt & other impurities. 

Osmia Organic's Black Clay Facial Soap is also great for soothing over-worked & irritated skin. As we were compiling this list, many of our beauty experts found that some of the products we left off of this list left their skin feeling parched, red & raw. This magical little black clay bar of soap eased any irritation left behind from other cleansers & beauty products. 

Price: $24 USD


MV Skincare's Gentle Cream Cleanser

Why We Love It: This gentle cleanser was a favourite amongst those of us with dry &, or sensitive skin. MV Skincare's Gentle Cream Cleanser was created to be non-irritating for anyone with a skin condition, or for those of us with overstimulated or over-worked skin. This face wash leaves your skin clean, clear & balanced without the dry or tight feeling that comes with other cleansers.

This gentle cream cleanser will give you the confidence of deep cleaning your face & with leave your skin feeling refreshed & nourished. It's like a professional facial that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Price: $58 USD


Stay tuned as we continue to experiment with natural beauty products & work to help you green up your beauty routine. If you have a favourite all-natural beauty product, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us at info@TheEssentialLife.org to tell us all about your favourite green beauty products or make yourself heard in the comments.

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