The Essential Life Book

The Essential Life Book


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Based on the latest Essential Oil research, enjoy an extensively updated A-to-Z section now including the latest additions of single Essential Oils & Essential Oil blends you'll love. With a large increase in cohesiveness throughout all the sections, the book offers updated recommendations & an expanded index, making it more accessible for your use than ever before.

About The Essential Life Book

The Essential Life Book, now in it's 3rd edition, offers a complete guide to using Essential Oils in your everyday life. This book will be your go-to resource when it comes to improving your health & the health of your entire family. 

The Essential Life Book is your how-to-guide that will teach you to Live Well. Live Naturally.


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This book will give both the novice Essential Oil user & the Essential Oil expert insight into using Essential Oils , not only to address health concerns, but also for everyday use in the home through cooking, cleaning, blending, gardening, pets & much more. The Essential Life book will also be useful in helping you understand how to use the oils through your pregnancy, with your baby, & on as your baby grows into childhood. Designed to be incorporated into all aspects of your life, you'll see topics such as: First Aid, Body Systems, Recipes, Oils, Blending, Pets, Gardening. & Supplementary Products. The book's quick reference guide is a very easy-to-use way to know which oils you can use for more than 600 health concerns. From athlete to parent, this book is a must have.