Stigma Free Mental Health T-Shirt

Stigma Free Mental Health T-Shirt


This t-shirt represents living a life that is stigma free.

Stimga free is all about educating yourself & others; seeing past mental illness to the person living with the illness; and taking action to raise awareness for mental health & mental health issues so as to improve the lives of those living with mental health disorders.


-Made with 100% ringspun cotton

-Unisex sizing


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The Essential Life is committed to mental health. We believe that, just like when your body is faltering, or in a state of ill-at-ease, you'd go to the doctor, when your mind is troubled or betraying you, help should be readily available as well. We believe that there is no shame in seeking help, & that there should never be negativity or a stigma attached to living with a mental health issue. Because we believe all of this, we are selling this t-shirt to raise awareness of mental health issues & to help break the sigma surrounding mental health.