14 Sachet Cocowhite 2.0 Oil Pulling Kit

14 Sachet Cocowhite 2.0 Oil Pulling Kit


Cocowhite 2.0 is the new & revitalised Cocowhite oil pulling formulation. Providing all the same oral health benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil, Cocowhite 2.0 now includes sodium bicarbonate & the power of Essential Oils such as peppermint & menthol for advanced teeth-whitening & fresher breath.

What's new in Cocowhite 2.0? This new oil pulling formulation has added even more natural teeth-whitening powers thanks to the addition of peppermint & menthol Essential Oils. Cocowhite's studies have shown that peppermint & menthol Essential Oils can combat bad breath & leave your mouth feeling fresh & clean. The added action of sodium bicarbonate whitens your teeth & helps to neutralise the bacterial acids in your mouth that are often the cause of bad breath. Coconut oil is the real muscle in this oil pulling kit. As you swish Cocowhite around your mouth & through your teeth, coconut oil works by drawing out impurities & bacteria which cause stains on your teeth.

How Does Oil Pulling Work

Cocowhite 2.0 combines the power of coconut oil, Essential Oils & baking soda with the ease of individually wrapped sachets, so all you have to do is, after brushing your teeth, gently tear a sachet open, put the oil in your mouth & swish the oil around for 5-15 minutes. When you're finished, spit the oil into a lined garbage bin & you're done.


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Cocowhite 2.0 is a new oil pulling formulation with even more teeth-whitening power. This oil pulling kit is completely natural & is formulated to improve your smile & oral health.

In Cocowhite's special oil pulling blend, coconut oil works alongside sodium bicarbonate & menthol Essential Oils to leave your teeth & mouth feeling brand new.

This 14 sachet kit can be used daily for an intensive teeth-whitening treatment, or 2-3 times per week for teeth-whitening maintenance.