The Essential Life's #30DaysOfSelfCare

The Essential Life is committed to creating a community with sharing & support at its core. We believe, that through sharing our own stories & experiences, we create a supportive & nurturing environment where we can elevate one another to the betterment of our community at large & the entire world. 

To realise our vision, The Essential Life strongly believes we must work to nurture & nourish ourselves first. We believe that Self Care isn't selfish, nor is it over-indulgent. We believe that Self Care preserves us & enables us to carry on in our mission & that is why we created our #30DaysOfSelfCare challenge. 

We want to challenge & encourage The Essential Life community to nourish themselves in their daily lives. We believe that, after practicing Self Care for 30 days, it will become a habit in the lives of each member of our community. To this end, we are challenging each member of The Essential Life community to practice Self Care each day, for 30 days & share your Self Care journey with us on Instagram. 

To participate, simply follow us on Instagram & each time you share your daily Self Care routine, tag @TheEssentialLifeWellness in your photo. Don't forget to include #30DaysOfSelfCare in each post. We will feature the posts on our website & on our own Instagram profile.


The Essential Life's Self Care Challenge

Too often, when we think of Self Care, we think of selfishness, self-involvement or petty extravagances & over-indulgence. We think of spas, & spending money on expensive beauty products, retreats & treatments. We think of massages, facials & relaxing in the sauna. When we think of Self Care, too often, trivialities come to mind when, in reality, Self Care is a necessity. Self Care isn't selfish at all. Self Care is self-preservation.

As a community of givers, carers & empaths, we strive to offer caring & support. We give & give of ourselves & often give of ourselves, far past the point of what is healthy & what is sustainable. We are of service to our family, to our loved-ones, to our friends, to our co-workers & those we encounter each day. We live up to the demands & responsibilities of our careers, of our roles as parents, friends, sisters, & brothers. We commit ourselves to kindness. We commit to holding doors for strangers, affording everyone we encounter throughout our day the respect they deserve. We commit to showing up & stepping up in all aspects of our lives.

With all the output, & all the outgoing support & love that we offer as a community of givers, carers & empaths, we often leave ourselves with an empty cup - a well from which we have nothing left to draw. We nurture others & forget to nourish & nurture ourselves. We continue on in this way, until continuing on isn't possible. 

When we look at Self Care through the lens of give & take, Self Care becomes so much more than selfish. Self Care becomes the avenue through which we offer ourselves, in humility & service, to those around us. Self Care is a necessary coping strategy for filling up our proverbial cup so we can pour ourselves our to the betterment of society.

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