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Living The Essential Life is all about living a rich & full life heightened by awareness, enlightenment, compassion & empathy. 

It is our goal to create a space where positivity abounds in the midst of the tumult & uncertainty in which we find ourselves. Our vision for The Essential Life, & for every single member of The Essential Life community, is to be an unending well of inspiration & motivation. We want to be an oasis of positivity, from which our readers can draw the hope necessary to sustain their hearts, minds & spirits in the moments when they find themselves tapped out or running dry. 

With each article & story that we share on The Essential Life, we want to enrich the lives of each individual who comes to our little corner of the world wide web. We hope to accomplish this by facilitating the growth of a community built on sharing, connectedness & positivity.

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Collaboration, connectedness & support are at the very core of The Essential Life community. It is our firm belief that, through sharing our stories & our unique truths, we create a connection with those around us. 

Everyone has a story to share, & for every story shared, there is someone out there who needs to receive the message of that story. That is why we invite each & every single one of our readers to make their mark on The Essential Life by becoming a guest blogger & contributor. We would like to invite you to share your story, your words & your wisdom by becoming a part of The Essential Life community. If you would like to see your articles featured here on The Essential Life, where it will touch the hearts of all of our readers, please submit your articles here

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The Essential Life has been blessed with a number of partnerships which serve to improve the lives of each & every last visitor to The Essential Life. To learn more about our partners & contributors, please visit our contributors page


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