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Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

At The Essential Life, we choose to see beauty through the lens of happiness, wellness, kindness & empathy. We believe that beauty, & to be beautiful, is not a singular thing, or objective. Rather, we believe beauty is multi-faceted, multidimensional & present in absolutely everything & everyone. 

In speaking about beauty, The Essential Life endeavours to provide relevant information as it pertains to beauty products & beauty regimens. We want to go even deeper into the topic of beauty, however, & share thoughts on beauty as a philosophy.

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What does beauty mean to you? How is beauty determined? Where does beauty come from? What qualities are required to be truly beautiful? The Essential Life believes the answers to these questions are subjective & malleable. We don't believe there is a singular answer to the philosophical questions of beauty & so we leave the conversation of beauty open to The Essential Life community. If you would like to share your thoughts & perspective on beauty, we invite you to submit your article here

The Essential Life was built on a vision of sharing. We believe that in sharing there is support & learning. At it's inception, The Essential Life was created with a goal of being a community full of unique, yet like-minded, individuals whose willingness to share was therapeutic for themselves & for all those who receive their stories. Included in The Essential Life's circle of sharing is information surrounding the first person experience with & wisdom gained from using wellness-related products & services, most especially, beauty-related products.

If you've had an experience will a make-up, moisturiser, toner, serum, shampoo, or any other beauty-related product, & you'd like to share it, you can submit your product review here

Thank-you so much for being a part of The Essential Life community. we are so grateful to have you here.

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